All-Purpose Glue

All-Purpose Glue is an indispensable Glue for a wide variety of applications in the home, office and workshop. It is an ideal handycraft Glue for paper, cardboard, wood and leather. It is also ideal to stick a wide ranges of materials, such as leather, textiles, ceramics, glass, hard foam and many plastics. Use It as a versatile DIY Glue for hobbycraft and repairs. a special cap allows applying precise Glue dots as well as easy spreading over large areas. All-Purpose Glue is highly age resistant and resistant against light, cold, heat and water.

Product Features

Bonds nearly All types of paper, photos, cloth, felt, cork, leather and wood to each other and to metal, glass, porcelain, ceramics, many types of plastic and hard foam for clean surfaces and precise Glue points.

Higlight-resistance, cold-resistance, heat-resistance and water-resistance.                                                                                      High age resistance large area gluing with special spreading cap and exact gluing with cap down.