White Glue

The solid content of Gaea brand White Glue is about 22%. For liquid glue, higher SC means better adhesion and higher production cost. 

White glue should be a water based adhesive with a slight sour smell. 

Gaea white glue can stand the extreme low temperature to -10℃. It would get back to emulsion glue whenever temperature goes back to the normal,even if surrounding temperature is below it's frozen point.  Water and glue would not be separated for Gaea white glue.

The shelf life of Gaea white glue can be 2 years long under normal temperature (<40℃).

Gaea white glue is ideal for DIY jobs, adhering paper, cardboard, light wood, fabric and so on.

SPEC:  40g, 60g, 100g, 125g, 250g, 3840g.