Glue Stick

According to different kinds of raw material and formula, glue can be divided into PVP and PVA Glue Stick. Their general melting point is about 55℃.

Features of PVP Glue Stick: high price of raw material, strong bonding,longshelf life --- more than 2 years.

Gerneral required drying time is about 1 minute. Some international brands need 2 minutes’ drying time as for accountant they need much work time to stick many receipts on one surface . It’s unsuitable for them to change the stick place when fast-drying glue is uesed.

People always think that quick bonding glue is good as it dries faster and may bond strongly. But it is not correct , for adhesive bonding speed is mostly negatively associated with bonding speed.

Features of PVA Glue Stick: cheap and bonding quickly. But the strength is weak, and the shelf life is shorter (about 1~3 year).