Contact Glue

Chlorobutadiene rubber glue is a universal glue which made by the chloroprene emulsion, and then soluble in organic solvents. It has excellent flame resistance, ozone resistance and weather resistance after drying.

Solid Content > 50%

pH ≧5

Viscosity >445m

Suitable temperature for adhering is 25±5℃, about 55-75℉. The general condition of this product is yellow sticky liquid. This product also has a stimulate smell.

This product is mainly used for the self-adhesion or mutual sticky of rubber, leather, fabric, cardboard, plywood, wood, foam, ceramics, concrete and so on.

This product on the market has a great difference in price. The main reason is that cheap contact glue uses cheap solvent, such as benzene, mixed benzene, 1, 2-dichloroethane. These solvents have high toxic and strong carcinogenicity.

SPEC: 20g, 35g, 125g in aluminum tubes.