Washable Crayon

Washable Watercolors provide superior washability from skin and fabrics (not for use as body/face paint).Bright, intense, transparent colors allow for excellent color mixing and application.
Colour saturation: Watercolor paints are activated when water is added. To obtain a deeper, denser tone of color, pre-wet the desired paint with a brushful of water and stir gently. Let sit for 30 seconds. For more translucence, mix paint with water in a plastic mixing tray or plastic plate.
- Wash of colour
Dampen paper with a wet sponge or briefly hold paper under water. Lay flat. Spread one color over the entire paper. Tilt the paper to help the color spread evenly.
- Overlay
Overlay colors to build up dark colors or to mix hues. Once the bottom layer is dry, brush paint over it. Repeat until desired color effect is reached.
- Wet vs. dry
Wet the paper before you begin, so colors will blend quickly and easily, spread evenly, and have a lighter shade. Begin with dry paper for colors that will be darker and won't blend as quickly or easily.