Oil Pastel

Gaea Oil Pastel is a drawing stick made from a special combination of pigments, oils and wax. It is extremely easy to use. You can apply it directly to paper or use various techniques such as blending, overlaying, scratching, impasto, and gradations to vary its effects. By using any of these techniques individually or together, you can develop your own style of drawing.

Unlike oil paints and watercolors, Gaea Oil Pastel is dry to the touch. There is no preparation, mixing or sorting required. When the mood strikes you to draw, you can do so immediately.

Generally, oil pastels come in two forms, soft and hard. If the stick is too soft, it will stick to your fingers and become difficult to apply. The soft types of oil pastels are suitable for impasto, but they are not effective for delicate effects like blending and overlaying. Often the soft pastels' "oil" smears on and through the paper. However, Gaea Oil Pastel has the perfect degree of hardness for an oil pastel. It has the right balance and texture, and it does not share any of the soft pastels' shortcomings.

SPEC: 12C, 18C, 24C, 36C, 48C, 55C in PP box or paper box.